Asbestos, The Most Silent Killer

Our homes often feel like the safest places in the world. Rightly so! A person should feel secure in his own home. “A man’s home should be his castle, but it shouldn’t have to be his fortress,” muses Calvin’s Dad from Calvin and Hobbes. The home is a place to digest and reflect as well as to build memories and relationships. People should not be burdened by worry of constant attack in their own home. Yet there are certain silent killers that should be prepared for, especially in your own home.They are carbon monoxide, smoke, and asbestos fibers. In order to keep you and your family safe, you need to take the necessary steps to nullify these great risks in your own Fort Worth area home.   

    First off, we have the issue of smoke. This problem is an easy one to fix. First of all, smoke must come from fire, so if you do not have fire in your home, you might not need smoke alarms. However, fires often start from places you would not expect. Maybe a faulty furnace or a pillow next to a sparking electric outlet. It is wise to get smoke alarms installed in your home just to be sure you’re safer from a sudden fire. If the fire alarms give you advanced warning about a growing fire in your home, the fire department may be able to put out the flames before too much damage is done. No matter what, fire alarms are very important to have in your home.

    The second issue is that of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide gas is dangerous because it is odorless and colorless. You cannot see carbon monoxide gas accumulating in your home, you can only feel its effects. The problem is, one of the side effects of carbon monoxide poisoning is light-headedness. So even if you begin feeling the effects of carbon monoxide gas, you may not even realize what is happening due to your drowsiness. Carbon monoxide detectors are crucial for your home. My rule is: The older the house, the more important the detector. Carbon monoxide gas can build up from old furnaces especially. Do yourself a favor and get carbon monoxide detectors. It saves lives!

    Finally, one of the most prolific silent killers of the semi-modern home: asbestos poisoning. Few predators lie in wait quite like asbestos fibers do. Asbestos is fibrous mineral by nature. When a wall containing asbestos is disturbed, asbestos fibers can be unsettled. Like carbon monoxide gas, these fibers are also tasteless and odorless. As soon as the fibers reach your lungs, the damage is done. These fibers can cause asbestosis, mesothelioma (a dangerous cancer) and irreversible lung tissue scarring.

    Luckily, we have the answer for asbestos poisoning. And that is to catch it and remove it before the permanent damage is done.  AirTST Asbestos Removal And Testing in Fort Worth will help protect your family. We will send out our prompt, professional team to take care of your asbestos infestation. First we will test your home for asbestos levels. If we find any at all, we will remove it immediately. In the name of safety and happiness, get your home tested for asbestos today.

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