Do It Yourself Asbestos Removal

You probably won’t find many articles out there with this title. Because it is highly not recommended to even attempt this silly thing! Asbestos is a dangerous mineral fiber that if inhaled, can lead to asbestosis, mesothelioma, and in turn, death! Do yourself a favor and do not try asbestos removal on your own. Now that could be the end of the article, but there are some important things to know about asbestos now that you are going to do it by yourself. A good question might be, if I will not be doing it myself, who will be doing it? The answer is AirTST Asbestos Removal And Testing. If your house was constructed around a time when contractors didn’t yet know the dangers of asbestos, then your house could be chock full of it. When the professionals show up to your house to check it out, they will have lots of important tools with them that you might not have.

One tool they will have is a working gas mask or other air purifier. This is important to protect the lungs of the person working in close proximity to the asbestos. If you go into the asbestos infected attic without a gas mask you will almost certainly be exposed to asbestos poisoning! Avoid that risk altogether by hiring a professional to come do it for you. They will certainly have the right safety equipment.

Do it yourself asbestos removal may not be technically illegal but there may be local regulations prohibiting it. A professional can also help navigate those regulations. Our Fort Worth location absolutely knows all the laws to know regarding the industry.

Another reason not to do the asbestos removal on your own is that you may have pets around the house who could wander into the area while you’re working. Not only is it dangerous for you to be around in the area, but your pets have no idea what asbestos is and might breathe in the chemicals themselves. Better  to just hire a professional to get the job done and move out of the house for a couple days while the procedure is completely finished. That way you keep you and your pets from getting asbestosis, mesothelioma, or lung tissue scarring.


There are many dangers when you come in direct contact with asbestos. If you climb up on your roof wearing only shorts and a t-shirt and try to scrape up the asbestos-ridden shingles without the proper protection, you will almost certainly be subject to the dangers that come with that. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional. Call AirTST Asbestos Removal And Testing today for your needs. And by all means, do not try to remove asbestos on your own. It is almost never a good idea unless you happen to be a trained professional yourself. Do it yourself asbestos removal is almost never a good idea. There are safety issues and technical issues that sometimes can only be handled safely by a professional. So doing it yourself is just not great. Call AirTST Asbestos Removal And Testing today.

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