Lung-Fluid Test For Mesothelioma Critisized

Exposure to asbestos and the resulting mesothelioma that could develop is a very difficult path that many Americans face on a daily basis. People need to trust in their doctors to help them through this difficult situation. However, many sources are now saying that the typical mesothelioma lung fluid test is a waste of money and time for many patients with mesothelioma.

    When a lung fluid test is performed on a patient, cancers such a pleural mesothelioma may be able to be detected. However, a new study has revealed that these lung fluid tests may not work very well for people with malignant mesothelioma, which is an extremely aggressive and debilitating lung cancer. The study states that it is a better option for patients to receive a biopsy of the possible mesothelioma instead of the lung fluid test option. This way, patients will be able to know much quicker whether or not they actually have mesothelioma.

    Asbestos is a mineral that was commonly used across many industries for decades in the United States. It was almost completely banned in the 1980’s, greatly reducing the amount of people who could possibly be exposed to it. However, due to the unique way mesothelioma and other asbestos related cancers and diseases develop, the American medical system will still be dealing with many mesothelioma cases for the next few decades.

    When someone is exposed to asbestos fibers through their home or work environment, the asbestos fibers can easily be inhaled. When inhaled, the asbestos fibers travel into the lungs and lodge themselves deep into the lung tissue. Over time, they then react with the cells of the lung and develop into cancer. This entire process can take decades to go through after the last time someone was exposed to asbestos.

Once mesothelioma has been contracted, however, it is very important to act quickly. The cancer progresses very rapidly, and the mortality rate is extremely high. This is why patients need to focus on rapid mesothelioma detection instead of possibly inaccurate tests like the lung fluid test.  

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