Democrats Fight Against EPA Over Asbestos

The Environmental Protection Agency is once again coming under fire due to the supposed lack of regulation on asbestos. Currently, eleven Democratic attorneys generals have filed a suit against the Environmental Protection Agency. These Democratic attorneys general say that the lack a full ban in the straw that broke the camel’s back, and that they are done trying to support an agency that doesn’t do as much as it should.

    In April, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that asbestos would not be fully banned in the United States, but that there will be a partial ban on asbestos. The partial ban will allow for asbestos to still be used in certain industries and for certain products. This did not fly with the Democratic attorneys generals that are in support of a full ban on asbestos.

    According to Melanie Benesh, legislative attorney at the Environmental Working Group, “This new rule makes it more difficult for industry to resume some abandoned uses of asbestos, but that is a half step at best.”

    Another attorney general expressed his concern over the dangers of asbestos and what this could mean for the American people and their health. Xavier Becerra stated that, “It is widely acknowledged that asbestos is one of the most harmful and toxic chemicals known to humankind. While it’s troubling that we must once again take the EPA to court to force the agency to do its job, we won’t pull any punches. There’s too much at stake to let the EPA ignore the danger that deadly asbestos poses to our communities.”

    Asbestos is known to be a very dangerous mineral that can cause many different diseases and cancers when it comes into contact with a person, especially if it comes into contact with the lungs.

    Due to this suit, the Environmental Protection Agency will have to issue a new ruling in regards to an asbestos ban.

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