Asbestos Roofing

Because of their durability, asbestos fibers were included in the production of siding and roofing material to enhance both strength and durability. They were also know to provide a fair amount of fireproofing and insulation. Because of the known toxicity of the substance however, its use in this capacity has been on the decline for several decades. If you currently have asbestos roofing however, there are numerous concerns that this creates.

In general, asbestos roofing that remains in top notch condition does not pose a major health threat. When the asbestos roofing becomes damaged however, the small asbestos fibers can be a huge issue to those within the immediate vicinity. Damaged asbestos roofing is most likely to have asbestos in its friable form.

This means that the tiny fibers can become airborne with even a slight pressure applied by the human hand. These fibers can get lodged in the lungs and be extraordinarily hard to expel. As the lungs attempt to repair themselves scar tissue is typically created and from this, major health issues are born.


As of late there has been a huge increase in do-it-yourself asbestos removal methods. This is never recommended and this is a process that should always be conducted by a licensed and knowledgeable professional. The savings incurred through self-removal of asbestos roofing never outweigh the risks.

If you suspect that you have asbestos roofing the first thing that you should do is to have an inspection run by a licensed professional who cannot only definitively identify the presence of this toxic material, but determine whether or not removal is mandatory as well.

There are numerous asbestos abatement grants that are in place to make the abatement process accessible for all those who need it. With the right funding you can get asbestos roofing taken care of with little or no out of pocket expense. Addressing this issue serve to not only enhance the opportunity for better health for you and your loved one, but for future tenants as well. It is also a sound way to add value and marketability to the property that you own.

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