How An Average Man Is Now Dying From Asbestos Exposure

In order to remove asbestos, men have to enter the space wearing giant orange suits, gloves, and an isolation unit to breathe through. If a single particle of dust or fiber enters, they’re in danger. Not to mention asbestos is normally in small, cramped, isolated and hard-to-get-to places. Normally a pair of guys will enter, one scraping the hard, white material off of every other known material. It coats wood, metal, tile and anything you can imagine. People used to use it for everything, including sealing cracks and other methods that make it almost impossible to remove. It looks like a horror movie, and is a horror movie. One of the most dangerous minerals on earth, that everyone used for everything. And now, it has to be removed, or else, death.
The amount of people that die in the UK from exposure to asbestos, is half of who dies on the road. The the U.S., it’s close the amount from shootings or skin cancer. In the 1920’s, the first suspicion that asbestos caused health problems arose, and they called it asbestosis. By the fifties, full-blown medical research confirmed this suspicion, and just how deadly asbestos was. At this point they nailed  down exactly what it did, and that it was so bad it should be banned. But for some reason, it took 40 more years for it to be fully banned in the UK! 12 years after that, the production of asbestos actually spiked 20 percent! The only reason this was possible was because of the greed and deceit of many administrators. Even more than that though, was their carelessness of people and willingness to expose hundreds and thousands to fatal illness and death with out telling them. Asbestos’ survival persisted only because information about it was kept hidden and not exposed. 
A man named Bish suffered especially from the consequences of this. He agreed to be part of a survey about lung health, and was one of the members chosen to take a CT scan. Accidentally, they found out he had mesothelioma, a disease caused by asbestos, with no cure. He had no idea what it even was, but later realized why. He was a hands-on type of guy, and like to do construction, along with handling sheets of asbestos. At this time he had no idea, and didn’t use any type of construction. Now 70, he was suffering from this mistake, but a mistake he wasn’t even aware of making. He also had installed sheets of asbestos as a fireproofing measure in his garage ceiling. He did recall hearing something of it in the late 80’s, but not much, definitely not enough to make him really look into it. He’s already had the lining of one of his lungs removed, which has helped some, but is aware that his survival rate is very low. It’s a miracle if mesothelioma-diagnosed people even survive for a year! 

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