Asbestos Contaminated Fire Station Puts Workers At Risk

A fire in Birmingham what’s closed in June  to do repairs and upgrades. the firefighters attorney said that the conditions in the fire station for causing health problems in their firefighters. he said that Fire Station 27 had dirty vent and Asbestos and was making the firefighters very sick. In a statement from Friday afternoon the Mayor stated,” This fire station is 63 years old. The employees who work here, their health is my number one concern, as a matter of fact, the health of all of our firefighters at any of our fire stations is my number one concern. In that regards, the issues they brought to us, we wanted to make sure we address. This station will remain closed and we’ll make sure we follow those recommendations. Before we bring our firefighters back into this station, we want to make sure that their health is still our top priority.” To get the air quality at fire station 27 tested they spent $9,000. there was no  mold growth visible to the naked eye and the amount of dust in the air was virtually undetectable. Of the 11 tests that were done only one detected asbestos and it was not above the acceptable asbestos exposure levels. although some tape and floor tiles were found with asbestos oh, they can easily be removed and will be disposed of. Any repairs were done and they’re still looking at other fire stations and Facilities to be inspected. The city values the health of their employees and wants their working conditions to consistently be safe. “What we’re doing is we’re acknowledging that a lot of our fire stations were built between 1956 and 1963. This conversation is not isolated to Station 27. We’re working with our fire stations so that we can take some assessments so that we can investigate those as well…I’m very pleased with what the mayor had to say. It’s very encouraging to see the leader of this city put his employees first and say the right things about fixing these buildings,” said two representatives on the situation“I have a lot of confidence in Mayor Randall Woodfin that he’s going to do the right thing and his staff.”

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