Claire’s Makeup Found To Contain Asbestos

Cosmetics, which people use on their face, is typically seen as being safe and effective in covering up blemishes and most people put it on without a second thought. Consumers should reconsider this attitude since the FDA has discovered that well known beauty companies, such as Claire’s and Beauty Plus Global, have amounts of asbestos in their products. Asbestos is a harmful mineral that was once praised for its durability but is now banned in over 60 countries due to studies uncovering it’s true nature. It can be linked to harmful cancers, such as mesothelioma, and to many other dangerous respiratory diseases. The FDA issued an alert and the products were recalled from the shelf. Despite pulling the products, the company Claire’s still believes that they are safe to consume because of the difference in regulation between different countries in Europe as well as Canada. Despite the EPA’s fight for a ban on asbestos, the suppliers have kept up a strong defense and are still currently blocking the path for a safer and healthier consumer pool. It is our job as consumers to stay educated and to know what products we are using on our bodies but it is their job as a company to provide safe and effective products that improve our daily life. Many companies are already under fire for not being talc-free such as the company Johnson & Johnson, who still deny any asbestos being in their products despite heavy speculations. Seeing as Claire’s just came from a bankruptcy, it might be in their best interest to mind what their consumers want and get rid of the products containing the talc. Although removing asbestos is a costly process, it is ultimately worth it for the future of their company. Asbestos should always be removed unless it is not in the best interest of the people.

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