Detroit Home Contains Asbestos

A home was destroyed on Detroit’s East Side even though it was suspected that they had asbestos in the house. It was demolished on September 13th. The man who tore down the house was not aware that he was also tearing down his own reputation for various reasons. The city had blame the man for tearing down the house and subsequently releasing the mineral that is known to be dangerous internationally. Asbestos is responsible for many deaths particularly work-related sets. the lawsuit against McDonald’s prohibited him from working to his full potential at a new company and was eventually forced to leave the new company do to further complications. McDonald claims that the house was on a demolition list that was given to him by a fellow employee. Due to his lack of employment because of his new found reputation he was able to seek damages  for his inability to get a job. It has not yet been released the amount of money that he is seeking from the defendant. this could have been avoided if they had decided to get the house thoroughly inspected by a professional. It is best to get a person who is trained in the abatement of asbestos, otherwise you risk many lives being ruined by the deadliest fibrous substance that is asbestos. It is never completely safe to have it performed by someone who is either untrained or even worse, unaware of the presence of asbestos. Despite the threat looming above City officials heads they still believe that they had a reasonable concern and will continue to fight against mr. McDonald and his case. If the asbestos had gotten on Earth this was this would definitely be a huge concern but was it worth the reputation and the job that was lost? This is the question that is still left unanswered.

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