EPA Closes Loophole

In April the EPA closed a  loophole that allowed companies 2 extend their use of asbestos in items that they were selling. Although this did create tighter restrictions on the use of asbestos it did not completely ban it. Many are criticizing the EPA on this half-hearted attempt to limit the use of asbestos by industrial companies. According to a recent press release by Healey, “Asbestos is a known carcinogen that kills tens of thousands of people every year, yet the Trump Administration is choosing to ignore the very serious health risks it poses for our residents. We urge the Court to order EPA to issue this new rule to help protect workers, families, and children from this toxic chemical.” Asbestos is known to build up scar like tissue in lungs and cause respiratory diseases not limited to Ovarian cancer, asbestosis, and the cancer mesothelioma. Despite knowing these facts the EPA has stopped short of a band since  their last try which was repealed two years after. It is understandable that companies would like to continue their use of asbestos as it is one spend praised for its fire resistance and durability but the risks are not worth the reward. Asbestos can be deadly and cause lifelong damage. Many attorney generals are filing a lawsuit against the EPA due to this. Those are attorney generals are from California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Hawaii, Oregon and many more. They’re looking to protect their community buy Orijen the EPA to do as they promised and protect the environment as well as the people who dwell in it. The EPA believes that they are doing the best they can and the people can only hope that they will do what is right and ban asbestos after seeing it for what it really is and not through the lens of greed.

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