Hotel Found To Contain Asbestos

A well-known hotel in West Yarmouth was found to have asbestos after an inspection following a tornado. the tornado that hit the cape Sands Inn was devastating and the owner Bobby Khan was forced to close down all 67 rooms. was found that The hotel’s main controls as well as the sprinkler had to be disconnected because they were located in the damage wink.  in response he released this statement, “It wasn’t safe to stay open.” The situation had reached New Heights when it was discovered that asbestos was confirmed to be found in the building. The officials who investigated the building how to wear hazmat suits in order to find the infestation And to cover it in large dumpsters. which of his best shows of the hotel was necessary mandated by the State Department of Environmental Protection. it was done by the swamp turn-based environmental  clean up company. Their spokesman and supervisor Paul Franklin stated, “As a result, with the owner’s consent, (DEP) hired us to come in and do a squad remediation of any building material that fell outside of the building.” The building that had once been bustling with life had to be torn down due to a lack of Investigation into the asbestos that was in the building. In a way the tornado hot shine a light on some very dangerous building hazards that put many people at risk. Since it is a business, it’s better that they got it taken care of now before the rebuilding of the building. Luckily they shut down before anyone could be exposed to the asbestos problem including their employees are customers. Many families go to the hotel and children are especially at risk as well as pregnant women to the dangers of asbestos. Is extremely important to get your building investigated for asbestos.

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