School Abatement Goes Wrong

A routine HVAC repair turned into a horror story for several students at Georgia Southern. The building had to be evacuated after asbestos was discovered on the premises. The incident happened at the math and Sciences Building and called for a time-consuming evacuation for the students. It was during summer classes at the prestigious school and they’re working to be assigned to new classrooms at the moment. Results are expected tomorrow from a search done this afternoon. The students are awaiting the results eagerly hoping to avoid the many downsides to asbestos exposure. The main one of which is a cancer called mesothelioma. this is caused by the exposure to asbestos which leads to the fibers absorbing deep into the tissues and reacting with the cells in the lungs. This can be extremely costly for the school as they can have several lawsuits held against them as well as the cost of asbestos abatement. Asbestos abatement is a very long and arduous process which can take a very long time to complete. Although it is not recommended to Abate asbestos yourself it is definitely possible. the school is considering whether or not to hire an asbestos company Or to do it themselves. Doing it yourself is extremely risky because you yourself can be exposed to asbestos which has many negative effects as stated in before. Many schools have an Undiscovered asbestos problem and it is best to get your school checked out and abated before it is too late. This can be thoroughly avoided by either building a new school building I’m tearing down the previous one, or by ordering an abatement service. These people are professionals and are prepared to deal with this as a part of their work. Getting your school abated is worth the health and safety of your students.

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