Steam Plant Owner Face Consequences For Asbestos Exposure

The owner of Steam Plant has pleaded guilty for asbestos allegations because he did not inspect properly for asbestos. He is a terrible man who must be punished for his crimes against the people. He was accused of violating the Clean Air Act by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Riazzi, the owner, knowingly made two of his workers remove roofing that contained asbestos. He did not ensure that they knew how to remove asbestos nor did he provide the equipment needed to provide the service of abatement. It is common knowledge that everyone should hire a professional to do dangerous jobs and asbestos abatement is classified as dangerous. You should always be wary of asbestos since it does cause many Health complications and only people who are qualified to handle it and know the risks should deal with it. Abatement specialists are the ones that should be called when a situation like that arises. After a contractor told Riazzi that it would cost more than $20,000 to get his business abated he decided to hire the two contractors who did odd jobs around the plant. The workers were only offered a portion of what the professional contractors asked for at only $5,000 per worker. His sentencing is set to be on the 30th of the month of October in the year of 2019. The plant was eventually turned into a regular event planner venue for weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelor parties, and other things. This put many people at risk for contact with the asbestos if it was poorly removed. To remove asbestos you would need to have air scrubbers, disposable clothing, respirators, mastic removers, glove bags, poly sheeting, as well as tapes and adhesives. It is definitely not recommended to do it yourself but if you do it is good to have good research as well.

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