Kincorth Academy May Stop Asbestos Abatement Process

Asbestos is a very dangerous mineral. It also is a mineral that was commonly used throughout the history of many countries. The asbestos mineral was not realized to be dangerous until the ramifications of using it in buildings became obvious in the 1980’s. After doctors and scientists realized that the asbestos mineral was the culprit to so many cases of mesothelioma and lung cancer in construction workers and other workers who handles asbestos, countries like the United States were quick to heavily regulate the mineral.

    Although you won’t see buildings being constructed with asbestos nowadays, this doesn’t mean that buildings don’t contain the deadly mineral. Any buildings built before the 1980’s run the risk of containing asbestos.

    This is particularly true for many schools in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has a huge problem with asbestos in their buildings, especially in schools.

    The Kincorth Academy in Scotland, for example, has been undergoing a lengthy asbestos removal process for the past couple of years.

    When asbestos is found in a building, a very lengthy asbestos abatement process must be undergone. The abatement process can take up to several months, asbestos is a very dangerous material and any exposure of the material to workers is considered unsafe. The procedure must be extremely intricate in order to protect the workers removing the asbestos.

    The Kincorth Academy in Scotland, however, has been undergoing this process since 2018, now nearly a year from where we are now.

    In a strange turn of events, as well, the process has been stopped. When asked about this strange turn of events, a spokesperson for the school stated that, “Works in connection with removing asbestos cement roof sheeting have ceased whilst investigations are still ongoing”.

    Due to the dangerous nature of asbestos, its of the utmost importance that the Kincorth Academy figures out what is going on in regards to asbestos and has it safely removed.

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