More Asbestos Found in UK Buildings

Asbestos is a very dangerous mineral that can cause a lot of harm to your lungs if inhaled. This is why when asbestos is found in a building, it needs to be removed immediately. Many buildings built before the 1980’s contain asbestos, and the Warrington Town Hall in Chester in the United Kingdom is no exception.

    A sampling will be performed on the building in the next few weeks. The survey will assess the amount of asbestos and the condition in which they are in.

    Asbestos is extremely dangerous, but it is considered even more dangerous when it is broken down. When broken down, the fibers of asbestos are able to travel into the air easier. When airborne, asbestos fibers can easily travel into the lungs of anyone breathing the contaminated air. That’s why if after the asbestos is sampled in the building is found to be airborne, the building is going to have to go through a lengthy abatement process.

    When asked to comment on the situation of sampling, officers and authorities stated that, “Sampling will be undertaken in discreet locations. Any damage to the surfaces will be made good using traditional material and methods – the specification of which will be submitted to, and approved by, the local planning authority. The company undertaking the work will be advised about the status of the buildings and the need for sensitive working. Subject to the parameters outlined being conditional on the grant of listed building consent, it is considered that the proposal would ensure that the fabric of the listed buildings are appropriately protected and would sustain the borough’s built heritage by preserving the buildings and the features of special architectural or historic interest which they possess.”

    Hopefully after sampling no dangerous asbestos will be revealed.

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