The Only Identified Cause of Mesothelioma

Exposure to asbestos is the only identified cause of mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that infects the lining around organs (abdomen and lungs).

In spite of the damages they are causing, asbestos companies persist on generating their products. This has been occurring since 1920, when asbestos producers realized about the health risk associated with this substance.

People suffering from this disease can take legal action against these companies and they can receive monetary compensation. This possibility started in the late 1970s and early 80s when many individuals affected by asbestos related health problems started claiming against asbestos companies.

There are many law firms that provide free advice to those claiming against asbestos producers. Lawyers need to identify the medical history of the plaintiff together with details regarding asbestos exposure. They will give the claimant information about the legal process and the way the situation will be approached. There are numerous similar cases that serve as testimonials and fallouts to the plaintiff. This will also help to comprehend the legal process and to have realistic expectations since resolutions in these cases differ significantly according to the type of exposure.

Another important thing to mention is the fact whether the claimant is still alive or death. If the plaintiff is not alive a family member can act as such on behalf of the deceased. In most cases, the claims where the claimant is alive are tried faster.

The law firms usually keep the 35-40% of the final settlement. But this should not deter the plaintiff in obtaining the proper legal advice.

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