Alan Reinsteins Ban Asbestos Now Act Goes to the Climate Change Hearing

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization will soon testify on behalf of the Alan Reinsteins Ban Asbestos Now Act in front of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on the Environment and Climate Change hearing. The event, “Ban Asbestos Now: Taking Action to Save Lives and Livelihood”, will give the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization the chance to help the ARBAN Act pass through and help in this countries fight against asbestos.

           The ARBAN Act is already in the second phase in regards to becoming a law. They are now going to have different witnesses testify on behalf or against the ARBAN Act. Once the committee listens to each side, they will come to the decision of whether or not to make the ARBAN Act into a law. Representative Paul Tonko of New York and Chairman Pallone are two people in favor of the ARBAN Act and feel that it needs to be encoded into law.

Both Rep. Paul Tonko and Chairman Pallone stated that, “It’s devastating that asbestos continues to kill nearly 40,000 Americans every year considering that the Environmental Protection Agency began the process of banning it 40 years ago. The delays must end. Our hearing will focus on an important public health bill that would ban asbestos in its entirety. We look forward to hearing from expert witnesses and affected families about the profound health risks of asbestos as we consider this legislation.”

This legislation will hopefully be passed and stop the production of asbestos containing products and bring more clarity to the situation.

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