United Kingdom Trade Workers At Risk of Asbestos Exposure

Trade workers in Britain and across the world are still at risk of being exposed to asbestos during work. Many trade workers, especially those who work with houses and buildings are consistently at risk, even though asbestos use was banned over 20 years ago in Britain.

    Even though it was banned, buildings are still being constructed on that contain asbestos in Britain. Instead of taking the time to call of construction, many companies would rather attempt to handle the situation by attempting their own asbestos abatement process. As you can imagine, these construction companies do not have the proper equipment to be dealing with asbestos removal. This leads to shoddily done jobs in which asbestos has been spread across the site instead of being safely removed. After being spread across the site, this puts the workers in even more danger than they were before.

    Workers doing construction on these sites can be exposed to the asbestos through adhesives, flooring, roofing, insulation, and many other building materials. Once exposed, the tiny fibers of asbestos can travel into the lungs and cause a multitude of diseases and cancers. One of the most deadly cancers brought upon by asbestos exposure is mesothelioma.

    One Briton who experienced the pain that comes with asbestos exposure through work is Liam Bradley. Liam Bradley was a roofer who was not displaying any symptoms of mesothelioma and did not even know he had been exposed to asbestos. However, during surgery for a punctured lung, Liam was informed that mesothelioma was growing in his lungs.

    The Institute for Occupational Health and Safety in Britain is currently working to raise awareness of asbestos danger to workers and prevent more stories like Liam’s.

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