Asbestos Removal Grants

Asbestos removal grants are being offered by many private and public institutions to encourage people from eliminating the presence of asbestos from their houses and replace it with something safer. Asbestos removal grants are not available just for the homes. Construction industry employers for example, are offered grants by CITB, when they send their staff on short duration training off the job. In fact there are groups like the United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association to promote the highest standards for asbestos related training when it comes to procedures and requirements of handling.

Asbestos removal grants are mainly given because although renovation of an estate seems economical the design faults on top of the asbestos might make it really dangerous. Rebuilding after demolition is hence a far better option. Therefore central government grants are made available too for a work of this nature, in case some of the estates are privatized. Encapsulation is sometimes seen as a cheaper option. However, many people should know better. Over a period of time, encapsulation of a construction that has used asbestos, instead of demolition could lead to rigorous and regular inspection, testing and most importantly maintenance. It might include the need to remove any of the asbestos present, which could consume a lot of time and also prove very expensive.

Although asbestos removal grants are available, the landlord of a house or a home owner is responsible for the asbestos present in their houses. The law becomes important when this asbestos can prove dangerous to someone else living in and around the house. Apart from asbestos removal grants there are government unsecured loans offered for the job too. In fact individuals if found eligible, can access 150% tax relief and asbestos removal grants funding which is required in case of asbestos surveys and removal of asbestos from the premises.

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