The Do’s and Don’ts of Asbestos Removal

As you may have heard in one place or another, asbestos is a fiber mineral that has been used in building projects for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The dangers of asbestos have been known for a very long time but its use in commercial construction was not banned until the 1980s. Due to this fact, many people are still subject to deadly diseases caused by asbestos. These people may live in a very old house and may disturb an old pile of asbestos in the attic. If the asbestos fibers are inhaled by a careless chap, he may develop all sorts of nasty diseases related to the mineral fiber. Some diseases include asbestosis and the cancerous mesothelioma. With these dangers in mind, it is important to review our list of do’s and don’ts before considering removing asbestos in your home. Review the list even when thinking of checking for asbestos! These diseases are no joke. And of course do your own extensive research on the subject. Without further ado, here is the list:

Let’s say you go into your attic and find the ceiling caving in. Great. Another home remodel project that needs to be done. But wait, what kind of crumbly dust is that lurking in the shadows? Should I go check it out or stay put? The minerals are asbestos fibers. In order to preserve one’s safety, it is imperative to approach with caution.

Do Not: get up in the attic and sweep or vacuum up asbestos fibers. This will almost certainly send particles into the air, endangering anything that breathes nearby. A good general rule is: If it came from the wall, think twice before sweeping!

Do Not:Use a power stripper on an asbestos laden floor. Maybe the tile or vinyl flooring they used in your house has asbestos in it. If you rip it up forcefully, more asbestos could possibly be released.

Do Not:Cut up asbestos siding. Any drilling or sawing motion on asbestos-ridden wood, siding, or tile will release dust particles into the air.

Do Not: track asbestos dust or fibers into unwanted areas of the house on your shoes! This can be an easy one to forget. When working in an area with a known asbestos infestation, be sure to carefully seal any access points so it does no spread to other places in the house, and that includes being careful not to track it to other places on your shoes. When AirTST Asbestos Removal And Testing comes to your house, they will have the proper equipment to keep this from happening.

Now that we have covered some things that are important not to do, here are some things that are great to do:

Do: Check with your local county or city regulations to see the laws on asbestos removal. They will know the best way to remove asbestos and also be able to tell you laws about asbestos removal.

Do:Be careful not to touch asbestos particles or breathe them in! Stay away from the are until AirTST Asbestos Removal And Testing can get there.

Do: Do not perform any activities in the area. This might disturb the nearby asbestos.

Do: Call AirTST Asbestos Removal And Testing in Fort Worth today to help with your asbestos removal case!

Asbestos removal is no joke, please call us at AirTST Asbestos Removal And Testing for a consultation. We want to get the asbestos out of your home as quickly as you do! Asbestos causes so many bad diseases.

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