Ministry Of Defense Workers Exposed To Asbestos

Ministry of Defense workers have recently been exposed to potentially dangerous levels of asbestos in Gloucestershire, England. Asbestos had been discovered in a number of the buildings the workers were in. This is extremely dangerous for the workers as the asbestos could potentially cause multiple diseases and cancers. All of these workers who were in the building were put at risk. The staff have since then been put on leave until the asbestos crisis is figured out.

    A Unite regional officer, when asked about the matter, stated that, “Workers have to change their boots, clearly indicating a risk of further contamination. No worker should be placed in harm’s way. Changing boots does not protect workers from breathing in asbestos, which can have fatal consequences. Requiring MoD guards to continue to patrol a site which is otherwise shut down owing to asbestos contamination is alarming.”

    The risk has not yet been assessed for the workers who have already been exposed to the asbestos. Any amount of asbestos exposure is considered dangerous by health officials, though.

    The Unite officer went on to say that, “Even though they had been aware of the problem since 2006, they continued to fit new components which contained asbestos until the helicopter was decommissioned last year (in 2018),” according to a statement. At any one time, 1000 individuals could have been working on the Sea King. Despite this, the MoD has said it is unable or unwilling to make any attempt to contact the affected workers and warn them about their potential exposure.”

    Hopefully these workers will receive compensation for the danger they have been put in.

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