Gainesville Has Asbestos Scare

A recent asbestos scare in Gainesville could be used to raise awareness on asbestos in buildings. The old Regions building in Gainesville was recently suspected to contain asbestos, an extremely dangerous mineral. The asbestos mineral causes many different health issues due to the nature of the mineral.

    The old Regions building of Gainesville was revealed to no longer have asbestos, according to the owner. However, it previously did contain a dangerous amount of asbestos. People of the public need to be educated on how and where asbestos can be in buildings, in order to protect their health and have the asbestos properly removed if need be.

    When asbestos is found in a building, it needs to be properly abated, just like the asbestos were in the old Regions building of Gainesville. A proper asbestos abatement involves removing all of the suspected material with asbestos in it and disposing of it. Although it may sound simple, the process is actually very complicated. In order to protect the health of the workers and anyone else in the surrounding area of the asbestos removal process, multiple things must be put in place to contain the asbestos. For example, the entire area must be wet down to prevent fibers from going airborne, and an air quality reader must be constantly used in order to detect if any asbestos fibers have gone airborne. All asbestos abatement workers must also be heavily suited up and protected against the dangerous mineral. Asbestos abatements are also very lengthy and expensive.

    Don’t let any of this information deter you, however. It’s very important that you follow the lead of the old Regions building owners in getting your asbestos abatement done properly.

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