Where Are Asbestos Exposure Rates The Highest?

Asbestos is a very dangerous mineral that can cause many different diseases and cancers. The asbestos mineral has been used throughout human history, but has recently been found to cause deadly diseases and cancers. Most of the developed world has put at least partial bans on the use of asbestos, however, there are still ways in which someone can come into contact with asbestos. There are also certain areas of the United States that put people at a higher risk of exposure to asbestos. Some of these states include California, Pennsylvania, and Washington. These states have high rates of exposure, due to how widely asbestos was used in these states.

    States that have had asbestos mining and processing in them are also have a high exposure rates. Before the mining of asbestos was banned due to the health issues it caused, many states had asbestos mining performed in them. Some of these states include Pennsylvania and Montana, both of which have asbestos mining towns in them. The mines had to be shut down due to the health issues that inhaling the asbestos caused, but the effects of asbestos mining still harms the town to this day. People in these mining towns still have to face the consequences of asbestos mining, as the asbestos deposits still remain and can be inhaled easily, due to their small fibrous nature.

    States that have natural asbestos deposits are also known to have high exposure rates. This is very obvious, as if you have large deposits of natural asbestos, it’s easy for the asbestos to go airborne due to natural factors such as erosion. Some states that have many natural deposits of asbestos are Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and California.

    If you live in any of these states that are known to have high rates of asbestos exposure, it’s important to stay educated on the topic and know how best to avoid asbestos in your community.

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