What Are The Dangers Of Asbestos?

There are many dangers of asbestos presence in constructions, especially the older ones, which are breaking apart or disintegrating with time. Dangers of asbestos include long term health issues caused by exposure including death in some cases.

Asbestos is very stable which makes it doubly dangerous if it enters the human body. Dangers of asbestos are because of the fiber which can break down eventually into small pieces, sometimes microscopic particles too. These fibers in fact, look like tiny spears and never get destroyed and keep getting smaller and smaller.

The airborne, microscopic particles of asbestos could be ingested or inhaled very easily and they can stay in the body for a long time without being destroyed. This accumulation for a long time is what leads to health complications, sometimes decades after the period of asbestos exposure.

Dangers of asbestos include two diseases called mesothelioma and asbestosis. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that affects the protective outer lining of certain organs, known as mesothelium.

This layer is found around the lungs and abdominal cavity and the cancer itself mostly affects lungs because of inhalation. It has one of the slowest survival rates and the cancer spreads very fast.

These asbestos fibers mutate the cells of the lining and cause them to die. Due to this the lungs cannot take in much air, while the heart has problems with beating.

Dangers of asbestos are also because of other diseases like asbestosis which is caused by prolonged asbestos exposure. This too is fatal and the deadly complication causes the parenchymal tissue within the lungs to be inflamed. This prevents proper exchange of air and blood within the lungs.

Dangers of asbestos are also because early detection and treatment is difficult. The asbestos related conditions do not show many symptoms until the disease is in the advanced stage.

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