Asbestos Removal Continues In British Schools

A British professor warns trade unions of the terrible dangers of removing many billions of pounds of asbestos from schools. The expert says that attempting to remove the dangerous fibers could cause more damage in the long run. Since asbestos is not dangerous until it is unearthed leaving it there would be a much better option. He believes that the asbestos is not exposed enough to cause concern. In a recent statement he proposed,”It isn’t clear to me that the exposures are high enough. And in particular it isn’t clear to me that to do something about it wouldn’t increase the risk.” The mineral asbestos is extremely harmful when left exposed and it is not necessarily harmful when it is not. Retired teachers in the UK are predicted to be much more likely to die of asbestos than outdoor workers. Unions are using this to push their want for the removal of the asbestos from schools across the nation. They want the government to fund the purging of theses harmful fibers because they believe it is their job to protect their people. They want to accelerate the process of the removal of asbestos from schools since they represent school workers who have been affected by the pervasive mineral. While it is still debatable whether or not the asbestos should be removed, it is obvious that the Professor thinks that it would not be the best option because he believes it would cause more deaths than leaving it there. It is true that there is a greater risk exposing innocent people to asbestos through this  foray, many people including the MP’s of these unions think that it would be better to try and quell the issue at its source and get rid of all the asbestos in the schools of the UK.

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