Could Dogs Be A Key Component In Mesothelioma DIagnosis?

Beagles, a subgroup of the Hound, are known to have more than 220 million sense receptors. These dogs are well known for their scent typically use for jobs such as sniffing out drugs for police departments and lesser known for their jobs  sniffing out cancer. It is not believed that beagles if specially trained could learn to detect mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by asbestos exposure and can be extremely deadly and dangerous. Following a recent study About the dog’s ability to detect lung cancer with extreme accuracy Mini has concluded that this could one day be used for mesothelioma as well. In July of 2019 the Journal of the American osteopathic Association publish the study detailing the ability of three beagles to find blood serum that was cancerous despite being in between many control samples. we identified specifically more than 97% of the time and wouldn’t almost 97% sensitivity. the reason beagles were chosen for this study was due to their natural olfactory sense. By using a reward method the dogs were trained to identify cancer samples. This is an extremely promising study and could completely change how  people are tested for mesothelioma. After doing the blood samples they decided to take it a step further and are starting testing to see if they can also identify cancers based on breath condensate samples. They’re reportedly coming back with 99% accuracy, which is even more promising than the last. This method is the least expensive and reportedly more accurate than the methods they are using now to test for cancer especially for mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is rare and aggressive and is mostly caused by occupational exposure to asbestos. Early identification is key when it comes to cancers such as mesothelioma because of their tendency to show up later in life and it could become as simple as a breath test at some point in the future.

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