How Asbestos Still Effects Us Today

Despite scientific studies that proves asbestos is extremely harmful, it is still used in products such as piping, fertilizer, an automobile parts. these products are still being manufactured with the harmful substance and it is more common than you’d expect. Although the EPA for ban it was turned over just two years after it was accepted. The scary truth is that asbestos is also in your children’s School. A services that of 29,000 schools in Britain more than 75% have found asbestos somewhere inside their buildings. Although it was previously called a super mineral it is now known for its nefarious nature. The office for National statistics reported in 2001 that at least 305 teaching professionals have died of mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos which clings to the cells in your lungs and destroys them. Quote children are still growing their  respiratory system is more sensitive to the effects that asbestos can have on people. Many studies imply that children are five times more sensitive to the effects that asbestos don’t. Pregnant women and children should not ever be exposed to asbestos as their respiratory systems are much more sensitive than the average adult. Asbestos-related diseases can form between 15 and 60 years so their cause is often unnoticed if they appear later in life. Around the world 60 countries have already banned asbestos so why is the US not? The ban is moving through the legislative process led by the EPA and is fighting against the limitations that are placed on the mineras asbestos because it is proving to do more harm than good even in limited quantities. The removal of asbestos is also very difficult and needs plenty of materials that are not always easy to attain for a normal person. Asbestos is dangerous and must be removed.

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