Warrington Faces Asbestos Problem

Warrington is facing an all too common asbestos problem at the moment. One of their most important buildings is going to go through an asbestos survey in an attempt to detect any asbestos in the building. Asbestos is a very dangerous mineral that is very common across buildings, especially buildings in the United Kingdom like the Warrington council building.

    An asbestos survey is a process in which a team of trained asbestos professionals comes in and tests the area for asbestos. The asbestos team will take multiple samples of suspicious materials that may contain asbestos in them and send them to a lab for testing.

    Many different building materials have asbestos in them. Asbestos is a heat-resistant and durable material that is perfect for insulation and other building material. Due to its “miracle mineral” quality, it was used across construction industries and is now in many buildings made before the 1980’s ban. The asbestos mineral was cheap and many builders heavily used the material. This was until scientists and researchers came to the conclusion that the asbestos mineral was what was causing all of the lung problems and mesothelioma in construction workers. After this was discovered, asbestos was quickly banned and heavily regulated across the first world. However, all of the buildings that had been previously constructed using asbestos still stand today.

    This is why asbestos surveys are important, if there is asbestos in a building, it poses a threat to anyone in the building. Through the use of an asbestos survey, the risk can accurately be assessed.

    This is the case with Warrington’s building. If an asbestos survey is performed and they detect a dangerous level of airborne asbestos, the building will have to undergo and asbestos abatement.

    Its of the utmost importance that the building is properly abated, as it is a very important building to Warrington.

    Warrington council members stated that, “In the local area, the building is among Warrington’s most important buildings, and set within the positive context of its historic grounds, the conservation area and other curtilage listed and listed buildings.”

    This building needs to be treated with the utmost care during its asbestos survey and possible abatement.

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