New Event Fights Against Asbestos In Glasgow

An event occurring in Glasgow is expected to reach a high turnout number. The event is called the Clydesdale Action on Asbestos , a charity event revolving around asbestos and the damage it causes to the health of people who are exposed to it.

    Asbestos is a very dangerous mineral that has been causing health problems in the people who work with it for centuries. We can track the harmful effects of asbestos all the way back to Ancient Rome and Greece. However, it was just within the last few decades that asbestos has been banned and phased out of most first-world industries.

    When asbestos fibers are inhaled, they travel into the lungs and lodge themselves deep into the tissue of the lungs. The effects of having asbestos in the lungs are not immediate, and take many years, even decades, to develop. When they do develop, however, they are devastating. Some of the diseases that asbestos exposure can cause include pleural thickening and asbestosis, both of which make it very difficult to breath. Asbestos exposure also causes asbestos related lung cancer and an extremely fatal and aggressive cancer known as mesothelioma.

    The Clydesdale Action on Asbestos charity is trying to prevent more asbestos related health issues in the Scottish community.

The manager of the Clydesdale Action on Asbestos charity stated that, “Each year, we see more people being diagnosed with an asbestos-related condition in Scotland. It is of the utmost importance that we take time to reflect on all those who have died throughout the world and take time to remember family members, friends and colleagues who have died through no fault of their own. However, today, we also want to focus on the positive steps that are being taken to help those who are currently living with a diagnosis of the terminal illness mesothelioma.”

With the high turnout at the event, the charity will be making big strides in the effort to stop asbestos exposure.

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