Asbestos Contaminated Pool To Open Soon

The young Aquatic Center will be open for the swimming season of October as decided by the hilltop  Council. Although the swimming facilities will be open there will still be Work occurring at this time. Unsuitable ground conditions and the discovery of asbestosis have halted the process  of opening the full facility. They are hoping to keep the temporary facility open for as little time as possible as to cause little disruption for the users of the pool. in a statement regarding the reopening time of the facility the council had stated, “Works occurring after the opening will be to complete the new splash play area.” In spite of the presence of asbestos they wanted to get it over as soon as possible to be able to provide ideal service for their guests. The statement they released also said,”Council can appreciate that residents are eager for the pool to be open at the beginning of the next season…We confirm that the pool will be open and operational for the 2019 summer season however delays have been experienced due to the discovery of asbestos on site and unsuitable ground conditions.” Even the Mayor of Hilltops, Brian Ingram, expressed his impatience with the re opening of the pool. “It’s been a hot topic for many years. Our aim is to try and have it completed by opening time for the coming season.” They are working on the development of many things for this project. Some of these things include a shallow splash pool for children, a cafeteria, an entrance building, and shade structure. The facility luckily decided to get their asbestos problem investigated and abated by professionals. This was ultimately the best solution for them and the betterment of their community. If there is asbestos in your facility, be sure to contact professionals to begin abating it.

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