Asbestos In Baby Powder

Johnson & Johnson has been under attack for their negligence towards the use of talc despite the risk of cancer. Many are saying that they knowingly withheld information from the public that supported this fact so that they can continue to  sell these products that are potentially harmful. They’ve been accused of causing mesothelioma and ovarian cancer in thousands of women due to the carcinogen being in there baby powder. There were 22 Witnesses with testimoniesAnd countless more to come that fought against the company and there is still no word on when they will be receiving the results of the hearing. Since 2016 the Public has filed more than 16,000 lawsuits against Johnson  & Johnson. The company is refusing to put a cancer warning on their baby powder. Johnson & Johnson has spoken that they do not think that they will lose their case I believe that they will not need to put a warning on their baby powder since it supposedly does not contain a known carcinogen. Johnson & Johnson insist that their products, including the baby powder, that contain talc are safe and that the tests taken by the FDA do not show that they have been proven to contain asbestos. On July 8th the company took an official stance on the subject stating, “The Lanier Law Firm commenced this action as a transparent tactical maneuver to improve their litigation position in personal-injury actions that they have pending against defendants across the country. They saw Proposition 65 as a potential vehicle to obtain a court-ordered cancer warning on defendants’ talcum powder products.” Johnson & Johnson believes that the case against them is planning to be dropped because they fear but it will be in Johnson & Johnson’s favor. The amount that was found in there baby powder would only cause exposure from inhalation which  is perfectly okay in California.

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